Apartment Interior

In this project, our client a distinguished real estate agent wanted to provide his future clients with a unique opportunity to experience the apartment interior of a residential building before it is being constructed. At the same time, this was an excellent chance for our 3D animation studio to examine all the possibilities of an intriguing architectural visual expression.

The basic premise of our 3D architectural interior visualization was to combine the very functionality with comfort of the available space. During our work we have consulted the client. We shared the same vision with the real estate agent, who wanted to provide merely a glimpse of future interior for his potential customers rather than to suggest the final composition of the apartment interior elements.
We intentionally insist on the contrast of our offered solution between the different areas of an apartment. On the one side, these unique 3D compositions of interior spaces can be successfully combined within a single apartment. On the other side, they can be used as a starting point in the customer’s preferences in the final interior design.

It is hard to overlook how much attention we have given to the inspirational play of colors. What makes our 3D design style to be quite a distinctive one is our consistency in terms of interior color variables. We tend to choose one dominant color and then to play with its variations though a targeted space. In addition, we also like to construct our main interior color visualization on the strong, but at the same time acceptable and desirable color contrast.

Our interior 3D visualization strictly follows the ethical principles in this branch. Therefore, from our point of view is not recommended to provide our client or his future customers with an eye-catching images, which are almost impossible to achieve in the real life without the substantial funding or professional assistance.


November 08, 2013


3D images, 3D Interiors

3D image, 3D interior