Hotel Bedroom

Designing an interior of a hotel bedroom can represent quite a challenge for any 3D animation studio. Not to mention the unique opportunity of finding an appropriate visual expression of an entirely different and specific culture. In addition, we have to emphasize that this project was conducted for one of the hotels in Dubai. It comes without saying that the hotel industry is one of the most important ones in this part of the world. Therefore, the expectations were high as usual. On the other side, we had to demonstrate our ability to completely transform and adapt.

The very challenge was to speak the right language of Oriental culture and Islamic tradition with this interior 3D design. For the purpose of this specific project we had to simply forget all what we knew about the standard Western forms and shapes. As you can see we have introduced the traditional Arabic elements in the modern hotel design through the careful composition of Arabesque forms. These elements can be noticed on the walls and partially on the furniture itself. Our aim was to come up with a visual solution, which can perfectly fit into the dominant cultural model.

We have given a special attention to the choice of colors for this project. The Islamic culture strongly appreciates and favors the variations of light and warm green color. On the other side, we had to make sure that the presence of this color is appropriate and adequate for this specific project’s purpose. These selected moments of green color can be found on the bed, walls and some parts of the furniture. We believe that a combination of Arabesque elements with the green color was the win-win situation for this intriguing project.


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3D image, 3D interior