Modern Flat

One may think that the modern apartment concept is one of the less appreciated in the architectural community. The reason for this widely spread common belief can be found in the absolute abundance of available modern apartment 3D models. Almost every single architectural bureau likes to give its own vision of how the perfectly structured modern flat is supposed to look alike. However, we have not found these well-known facts to be discouraging for this particular project. The modern flat can be an intriguing and challenging task at any given moment.

The very objective of our involvement in this project was to come up with the adequate solutions for all residential spaces, such as working, living, including spaces for rest and private moments. As you can see the basic premise of our architectural 3D visualization work was the introduction of large and transparent window and sliding systems. We strongly believe that only through ensuring the substantial quantities of natural light the full functionality of this modern flat concept can be achieved. The light itself allowed us to introduce bright and vivid colors through the entire residential space.

The white color dominance perfectly communicates with the variations of warm gray colors for the certain pieces of furniture and walls. Our visual imperative was to ensure the 3D design structure, which will give the perception of a free space enough to comply with all residential requests of its future habitants. At the same time, we made sure that all elements are present to ensure the full comfort and standard commodities of a modern flat. We hope that we were able to catch the imagination and fulfil all expectations with our internal 3D design vision.


3D images, 3D Interiors

3D image, 3D interior