House Cross Section

A house cross section, as a part of the interior 3D design, has always been a nice way to present all the opportunities of a carefully balanced and structured residential space. For this particular project we have put a strong emphasis on width and depth of the object in question. We strongly believe that so much can be achieved in terms of comfort and providing enough space without the unusually high residential objects, such as houses among others.

As you can see our interior 3D architectural design allows only one ground floor. On the second, we already have the roof construction. Nevertheless, you don’t get a feeling that the habitants themselves are deprived in terms of available space or comfort. This has been achieved through the additional space for a garage and swimming pool in object’s width on the one side, and additional rooms for relaxation and entertainment activities in object’s depth on the other side.

We have really done our best to take the most of the every square inch of the available space. Even the balcony on the second floor represents an extension of one of the rooms on the first floor. The huge advantage of this house is its discrete exterior size, which may lead you to think that it can only support the limited residential functions or comfort. However, the truth behind its walls is that we have a promising architectural abundance of available space and comfort.


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