Luxury Apartment

Luxury interior design projects are always strongly appreciated. Although, it may seem that a luxury allows the absolute freedom of architectural visualization, the situation in the field with clients is actually quite different. The absolute imperative for these projects is to come up with a functional balance between the luxury expectations and comfort requirements. Our architectural 3D vision always includes the richness of white color and an abundance of natural light in residential rooms. The use of other colors has a specific purpose of emphasizing the previously mentioned elements.

In order to ensure the presence of natural light we had to introduce large facade and sliding window systems fro this luxury apartment. On the other side, the white color was the number one choice when it comes to the luxury itself. We allowed the presence of other bright and warm colors in order to ensure the compelling visual contrast. Each element on the walls or as a part of the furniture is carefully selected to fit the overwhelming composition of luxury. We have intentionally avoided sharp and long edges of the dominant pieces of furniture used in the project.

Round shapes were most suitable for each of the residential spaces. The 3D visualization has benefited a lot from the additional spaces obtained from the depth of the walls. We have saved so much space in this way. We also have to mention that this technique allowed us to get a visual impression that the available interior space is larger than it really is. The very essence of the luxury interior design is the details. On the other side, we needed to make sure that we did not include too many of these details. The luxury interior has just gotten one more appropriate architectural 3D expression.


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