Mountain Resort

It is always a great thing when a client asks from us to “talk” with the nature with our 3D architectural visualization work. For the purpose of this project, we were required to come up with the most suitable 3D architectural design for the mountain resort apartments located on the most prestigious Serbian mountain Kopaonik. We have designed the exterior for this mountain resort, which is supposed to perfectly fit into the surrounding nature.

Whenever we have to work on exterior design in a natural environment, our aim is to “disturb” the nature itself as less as possible with our architectural solutions. In this project we have followed the traditional style, which is characteristic for the European mountain resorts located in Austria, for instance. On the other side, for the inevitable spaces required for the normal functioning, such as a parking place, we have done our best to make it as discreet as possible.

The main purpose was to do both increase and ensure positive feelings of the future guests. In addition, we have paid a great deal of attention to use the configuration of the terrain itself for our purposes. As it can be seen, the altitude difference has been used to get an additional space for parking lots and garages. In this way, we have avoided a trouble of having to compromise with the object’s height. Our mountain resort looks as if it has been grown together with the nature itself.


3D exteriors, 3D images, 3D photomontages

3D exterior, 3D photomontages