Residential Complex

Finding an optimal balance between a challenging architectural concept and environment related requirements is definitely not an easy task. Having this in mind, our client the Brittain Hadley Group from London, UK had a profound wish to examine the opportunities of visual expression in this field. The starting point in our work of the 3D architectural visualization included the very name for this intriguing residential complex – The Green Hill.

We have realized the importance of coming up with an architectural model, which can successfully combine the high level of demands of future residents and inevitable expectations of the modern sustainability concepts. Our essential premise was to develop the 3D design, which can perfectly correspond with the environment. On the other side, our aim was to deliver shapes and structures that easily communicate with the overwhelming nature.

Our 3D animation team has skillfully avoided a common mistake associated with the similar projects. The last thing we need is to present a disturbing image of a “space ship”, which lands on a perfect green area. Instead, we have offered gentile and warm colors of buildings, which look as if they have grown together with the surrounding trees. This 3D visualization sends a strong message of an object, which is not accidentally lost in the sea of green grass. Our visual concept is rather telling a story about the residential elements, which are perfectly tailored as an inseparable part of the breathtaking landscape. We strongly believe that the emphasis on the width element of objects was the right choice for our project. We have a couple residential buildings with the number of floors, which do not exceed the height of a traditional family house. In addition, these buildings stretch in a line that is perfectly suitable for the nature around.

You can review all project details on following address: Green Hill


3D animations, 3D exteriors, 3D images, 3D photomontages

3D animation, 3D exterior, 3D image