Triplex Apartment

For this particular project, our client Comforteam, wanted us to challenge the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro shoreline with an appropriate interior 3D design. The creative challenge for our architectural visualization task was the structural nature of the triplex apartment itself. We had to come up with an adequate visual expression for the 3-level apartment, which demanded for the proper visual solution for each of its sections. This was at the same time an opportunity to test our conceptual imagination, and also to try to match our client’s expectations in this project.

Having these elements in mind, the choice of the most important elements of our 3D visualization work seems to be quite an obvious one from the architectural point of view: the seashore landscape and the 3-level apartment. The close proximity to the Montenegro sea influenced our choice of the dominant white color and fully transparent light brightness for all apartment levels. On the other side, we have structured the 3 residential concepts based on the number of apartment’s levels. Each one was supposed to answer one of the specific residential needs.

As it can be examined our choice for the three main residential forms includes the following: resting, working and private space. We have controlled the brightness with the white walls or ceilings for all three sections. The walls on the opposing sides in the apartment include intriguing irregular shapes. This particular detail has a great visual value. The future habitants will have a nice opportunity to admire both beautiful landscapes through these apartment windows and the inspirational composition of the presented interior itself.




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